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Earth and Sky Necklace

You can't resist the lure of a well-porportioned pair of earrings that combines the earthiness of semi-precious stones mixed with the clean lines of contemporary design, can you? Nor the comforting weight of a necklace of artfully combined antique African trade beads, nor deftly paired silver and sand-burnished glass. If this is true, then Nena Adornments are made for you.

For everybody who wants to adorn themselves with beautiful, thoughtful, and masterfully crafted jewelry that delights and inspires, Nena Adornments provides exactly what you are looking for.

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Washed Ashore

The meeting of sand and water produces beautiful treasures of seaglass for us to appreciate. What better way to enjoy them than to incorporate them into adornments? See Nena's latest tribute to mother nature's cleverness... More

Grapes of Bliss

The new Midi line evokes images of Southern France: fields of lavender, bunches of ripe juicy grapes hanging from the vine, the richness of Burgundy and Bordeaux, the azure of the Mediterranean sky. If only we could add scent... More Shows Some Love

Our charitable organization,, was created to spread beauty and goodwill in the world by committing random acts of handmade jewelry kindness. Now you can rely upon the kindness of strangers -- for earrings!

How it works: if you ever see Nena with a pair of earrings that you like, just say the magic words (and no, the magic words are not “the magic words”), and she will give you the earrings -- just like that! So far, she has given away more than 30 pairs of earrings to lucky women (and some men) all over the country. Next stop: the world! (You think we're kidding? We'll be in Brazil for the new year! Seriously! EarringLove and samba will make a great pair!)

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Video Tutorial: Effortless Elegance

Not quite sure how to work that newest fabulous piece? Can't quite figure what to pair with what? You're not alone. Sometimes trying to find your own signature style takes time.

The latest Nena video demonstrates how to set your jewelry off and mix and match for the best effect. Get some new ideas -- and if you have some to share, add them through the comments!