The CSS Detective Guide

Tricks for Solving Tough CSS Mysteries!

The premise of this book is fantastic! It's the CSS book I've needed, and so far, hadn't found.

- Rick Gordon
Production Manager, Shelter Books

Become a CSS detective in 3 easy steps:

  1. Know the background information

The Detective Guide

About the book

You may be a novice or well on your way to developing your skills in HTML and CSS, but if you've had the experience of thinking your CSS was perfect-up until the moment you test your pages in different browsers-then this book is for you.

About the author

From the innocent beginnings of teaching herself HTML in 1996 (and dreaming in it for a while), Denise R. Jacobs is now a web industry veteran with over 13 years of experience, ranging from project management, instructing web design/development, and now writing and speaking. She loves empowering novices by teaching them about the web.

Follow the Trail

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  1. Identify suspects, launch your investigation, and find the culprit

The Chapters

The book begins with the basics of CSS with a special emphasis on common causes of problems, and then covers methods for giving your code the third degree - isolating issues to find the roots of the problems. You'll also get a look at the line-up of usual suspects: the common problems and persistent bugs that are often encountered in CSS.

Finally, you'll put the tools to the test with hands-on cases designed to teach you how to solve CSS problems of your own.

  1. Take action and close the case!

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